What are R-Assets?

R-Assets are Router Protocol's wrapped assets that function as a representation token or a proof, akin to an LP token. These assets maintain 1:1 mapping with their underlying assets since one "R-Asset" can only be minted if one "Asset" is locked. Let us consider USDC and RUSDC. Router can only mint a RUSDC when it has a USDC successfully locked in its reserve. This means that the number of RUSDC in circulation is always equal to the number of USDC locked in Router's bridge reserves.

Does Router Protocol create a wrapped version of all tokens?

No. Router only creates a wrapped version of tokens that fall under the category of reserve assets, i.e. assets whose liquidity is actively maintained by Router. Currently, Router supports three R-Assets:

  • RBNB (underlying asset - BNB)

  • RMATIC (underlying asset - MATIC)

  • RUSDC (underlying asset - USDC)

  • RAVAX (underlying asset - AVAX)

  • RFTM (underlying asset - FTM)

  • RONE (underlying asset - ONE)

  • RCRO (underlying asset - CRO)

  • RETH (underlying asset - ETH)

  • RROUTE (underlying asset - ROUTE)

  • RDFYN (underlying asset - DFYN)

Since R-Assets can be minted/burnt by Router, cross-chain transactions involving these R-Assets will be much faster and cheaper (since no DEX interaction is required).

How do I receive these R-Assets?

Users will receive R-Asset whenever they provide liquidity of "Asset" to the Router bridge. For example, users will receive RBNB in exchange for staking BNB on Router's bridge contracts.

It is important to note that users might inadvertently receive R-Assets while swapping assets between two chains. This is an edge case that occurs only when there is insufficient liquidity on the destination chain.

What is the utility of these R-Assets?

R-Assets can be pooled with their underlying Assets to create R-Asset/Asset LP tokens on Dfyn. Users can then use these LP tokens to participate in R-Asset/Asset farm to earn liquidity mining rewards. For example, users can pool their RUSDC with USDC on Dfyn and participate in the RUSDC/USDC farm.

How can I redeem my R-Asset for its underlying Asset?

Redeeming R-Asset for its underlying Asset is a fairly straightforward process. The step-by-step guide for the same can be found here.

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