Token Utility


The holders of the $ROUTE token will be able to use their tokens to take part in Router's governance by voting on Router's proposals concerning protocol amendments and upgrades.

Revenue Sharing

Router Protocol will impose a small cross-chain transaction fee which will be distributed among the validators and liquidity providers.

Concession on Transaction Fees

Users willing to pay Router's cross-chain transaction fee in $ROUTE tokens will receive a 50% concession. If the fee for a particular transaction is $4 when paid in stables or the source chain's native gas token, users need to pay just $2 in $ROUTE tokens.

CrossTalk Fees

ROUTE token will be used as a fee token in Router’s CrossTalk library.

Unified Gas and Transaction Fees

Router Protocol will simplify the process of paying gas fees for cross-chain transactions by enabling users to pay a combined (gas + transaction) fee in $ROUTE tokens. It is important to note that, although the users will be incentivized to pay their fees in $ROUTE tokens, the users can also choose to pay the fees in the gas token native to the source chain.

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